VR Academy

VR Academy Thanks to our experience in the field of UAVs, we can offer specialized courses for learning the techniques of piloting remote controlled planes and multirotors. The courses are tailored to the needs of the customer and are designed to make students independent in configuring, flying and using drones for specific uses.

To access the intermediate and advanced courses the students are required to have completed the inferior course level. Depending on skills already acquired, the customer may, after verification of actual skills, access to superior courses without having participated to the previous ones.

Basic Course

  • Introduction to the remotely piloted models
  • Theory and flight dynamics of different types of drones
  • Setting and configuration of on-board electronics for manual flight mode
  • Practical flight lessons with dual controls using our drones.
  • Basic Maintenance and log analysis of flight through the Ground Station.

Intermediate Course

  • Refinement of flight techniques for short missions in LOS (Line Of Sight
  • The use of basic automatic functions:
    • Maintaining the position and piloting with GPS active
    • Use of "Return to Lanuch" in case of problems
    • Automatic Landing
    • Setting up a GPS fence for geographical limits within which fly
  • Introduction to the use of cameras and video cameras photos and movies
  • Introduction to flight by means of assisted vision (FPV)

Advanced Course

  • Using advanced automatic flight functions through the use of Control Station: fly-by-wire, follow me, POI, etc..
  • Planning and execution of missions with the use of Waypoint and automatic flight
  • Advanced maintenance of vehicles and on-board software
  • Lessons for specific use of the drones (optional):
    • Professional Video Filming
    • Photogrammetry
    • Monitoring missions at short or long range
    • Civil Protection Applications: people search, flying over disasteedr areas
    • Civilian applications: verification and maintenance of roofs, chimneys, towers etc..
    • Gaming