VR Media

VR MediaIn an era in which the filmography world requires more and more exciting, engaging, dynamic and surprising images, the media division of Virtual Robotix Italia is able to offer ,through the use of drones, new modes of expression.

Aerial filming

The experience of our pilots ensures the best possible results in the shortest time, and provides the ability to shoot from extremely complex angles or impossible to achieve with traditional systems, obviously in high-definition formats. Thanks to the special structure of Virtual Robotix Italia, we are able to design and manufacture custom shooting systems, which follow the more specific needs of each client.

Multirotors represent a new mode of expression that is able to follow the scene or a character along a path where carts and dollies can not be used. They can also be used to track moving vehicles from above, shoot from angles impossible or extremely complex to achieve with traditional systems, or follow sports scenes in speed, allowing you to capture the energy and dynamism.

Either for documentary or film making our flight systems allow us to move fluidly just a few meters from the ground on land, lakes and waterfalls or rise up to several hundred meters for broader scenarios. All this while maintaining the unmatched characteristics that distinguish multirotors in the transport and use logistics. It's possible to create advertising for hotels and tourist attractions, thanks to our staff, who, with his experience will be able to manipulate the shots to be integrated with the web.

Ground filming

We can provide ground fiming with steadicam that can be used in many different situations, from tracking shots typical of film-making to shooting on stage at a concert, or even those carried out in confined spaces where other bulkier equipment, such as dollies can not get or need too long set-up times.

The images obtained can simulate the point of view of the characters, increasing realism and, consequently, the participation of the viewer.

Production and Post-Production

Our staff is higly prepared and can produce videos for every needs, we cn deal with: TV commercials, advertising production, creation of corporate videos, production of corporate videos, video on industrial processes, environmental documentaries, video interviews, business presentations for trade fairs and conventions.

All figures working in filming and editing, are internal thus maintaining a highly competitive cost of production. We cover every aspect of video post-production internally and we can provide: video editing, editing, color correction, special effects, sound effects, music, voice-overs and finalization. We are able to integrate, on specific request and with advance notice, live full HD 1080P through the integration of Teradek systems. The video will be compresseed with H.264 with a video stream bit rate up to 10 Mbps.