VR Pro

VR Pro Our Pro Division offers higly technical services through the use of unmaned devices and skilled technicians. These are the most important service we offer.


Video inspection allows you to monitor, check the status, the functionality and possible problems of both civil and industrial ducts. This completes the first step in the classification, identification and location of any abnormalities. The main objective of videoinspection is to gather as much information as possible in order to fully evaluate the real situation of the affected part of the network as a starting point for a complete study and careful planning of the rehabilitation.

Network study and mapping

Through videoinspection it is possible to realize a mapping of the networks and, more importantly for the hydraulic study, a characterization of the areas of intervention, which consist in mapping the area being analyzed. Classification, mapping and characterization are tools that allow you to significantly deepen the knowledge of a sewer system, to the point of being able to reasonably judge the adequacy and program the necessary maintenance and implementation.

Continual adjustment

This consolidation system allows you to cover from the inside lines affected by continual and structural damages and recreates them in full length.

The structural adjustment is also called relining and is fully part in the activities of "no dig". The regeneration can be applied to any diameter and material restoring the original charateristic of the pipe, without causing any inconvenience to the surface. The coating will be calculated to take all hydraulic and static functions required for functional recovery of the object of intervention. It is possible to reconstruct pipes of any length, either horizontal or vertical. We operate in both the road by remediating large pipelines both in the civilian sector through the rehabilitation of rainwater, sewage and flues.

Aerial photography and photogrammetry

Thanks to an innovative aerial platform VR PRO-SERVICE is able to provide a service of photography and photogrammetry at low altitude, this technology is based on an electric radio-controlled drone that is able to capture photos and high-definition video resolution. The applications of this technology are constantly evolving and benefits compared to current techniques of aerial photography are many.

The cost reduction compared to conventional helicopters and the elimination of the risk of accidents to persons make the Drone a versatile and effective platform to be used in a variety of fields such as: civil, industrial, emergency and rescue, environmental impact assessment, hydrogeology and geophysics, control of the territory, shows and events.

Authonomous digital bathymetry

Based on the proven technology of aerial drones VR PRO-SERVICE has developed a system of self-bathymetric survey that is unique in Italy. This technique involves the use of a small electric powered boat which is able, in a completely autonomous way, to "map" the bottom of lakes, rivers and harbors generating a three dimensional image of the conformation below the water surface. The data obtained will allow planners, geologists and other professionals to obtain a clear assessment of the state of the seabed with the aim to plan with greater precision and efficiency needed interventions.

The system is controlled by an artificial intelligence system that processes the information coming from satellites and intergrates them with the inertial sensors installed on board. Such processing capability makes it possible to do autonomous navigation and consequently to obtain an increase in accuracy and a sensitive reduction in the time of investigation. The operator, via a laptop computer determines the area of interest and traces the contours on a virtual map. The software then generates a grid of inspection on the basis of the data requested by the customer and sends the route to the boat that will perform the inspection sending real-time collected data and saving it on internal memory.