Gimbal Easyshot


VRI EASYSHOT is a Direct Drive Brushless Gimbal for class 550/600 drones. It has the ability to compensate on 2 or three axis and it has a built-in o-ring anti-vibration system.

The VRI EASYSHOT is designed to accommodate payloads up to 350-400g with dimensions tipical of GoPro or Sony CX410VE. Also thermal cameras like the FLIR TAU2 can easly be mounted.

VRI EASYSHOT can be coupled to a landing gear, and is sold with an universal plate to fit third party frames.


Modularity and Compatibility with VRI (Tiger Shark - BOD - Lifter)
Possibility of modding by the end user
Flexibility on the payload installed
Housings for Video TX and RX Radio systems

Tecnical specification

200mm x 150mm x 160mm
Weight without engine
approx. 290gr.
plate light payload
118mm variable
Primary structure
Tubes 3K D 16mm thickness 1mm
Clamps Anodized Aluminum
Structure cart
plate thickness 1.5mm 3k
structure vibration dampening system
plate thickness 1.5mm 3k
structure vibration
9mm silicone Orings D 70 Shore

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