Tiger Shark


Tiger Shark is an ARTF multirotor platform consisting of a frame with a mixed Carbon and Alu structure. It is the result of intensive tests and it is designed to be strong and modular. It can be mounted with 4 or 8 rotors and is able to lift 1.5Kg (including batery) in X4 configuration or almost 2.5 Kg. in X8 configuration.

Due to it's modularity it can be used in various fields, from professional to leisure use.

It is compatible with our Shockwave Gimbal and it is designed to mount an FPV camera in the front. The ARTF version uses our VRBRAIN autopilot system and the VR Distribution board.

With this configuration the TigerShark is able to perform many authonomous missions helping professionals with their work. It is capable of streaming data, video and has all the basic and advanced security features that allows Return to launch or land in case of battery and radio failsafe.


Technical specification

Dimensions without propellers
450mm – 510mm
Light between the plates
Plates thick
1.5 mm
Change in arm length
2 step from 15mm
Supported propellers
11" – 12" – 13"
Class 35
Internal battery supported
up to 10.000 mAh 3S
Estimated Take-off Weight Without Payload
1.7 - 2.1kg
Payload with medium-size battery
Estimated autonomy
up to 30min

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