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VRI SPARK is a single shell drone built with an innovative mixed material frame composed by an external nylon shell and an internal composite endoskeleton with power distribution features. Built in Intelligent Flight terminator and optional parachute allow operation in "mixed areas" in relation with Italian APR rules.



Technical specifications

340mm - 340mm
190 mm
Class 28
Internal battery
up to 5.100 mAh 3S
Estimated weight
660 g
300/500 g
Estimated autonomy
up to 22 min
  • Powered by VR Brain 5.2
  • Structural Power distribution board
  • "Flight Stop" terminator with built in parachute deploy system
  • Integrated 433/868 MavLink Telemetry system
  • Integrated FrSky Telemetry system for Taranis script
  • Inductive Current and Voltage monitor
  • Integrated frontal FPV camera
  • Gopro FlyBack Video
  • Tx Video over 5.8Ghz2 axis Gimbal for Gopro Hero 3/4 with Pitch, Roll and 0/90° automatic function
  • Parachute Mars Mini for Mtow < 1.8 kg
  • VR Gps Neo8 + Magnetometer
  • USB port replicated on the main shell9" or 10" Propeller
  • Removable landing gear
  • N°12 - M3 fixing points on the lower shell to easy intallation of additional payloads