VR Brain 5 PRO SDK

VR Brain 5 PRO and the most powerful and compact hardware platform to implement opensource autopilots for airplanes, quadricotteri and rover. The product comes complete with an advanced programming environment Nuttx and introduction to the project APM Copter - Plane and Rover.
Peso prodotto - Product Weight 25.2 g
Lunghezza prodotto - Product Length 80.5 mm
Larghezza prodotto - Product Width 40.4 mm
Sales price: 7500,00 €


  • CPU:
    • ARM CortexM4F microcontroller with DSP and FPU.
    • 1024KiB di flash , 192KiB of RAM.
    • 1 SD Card Slot support until 64 gigabyte.
    •  Jtag support for onboard realtime debugging.
  • IMU Sensor:
    • mems accelerometer and gyroscope (different option , available pro certify ,too ) 
    • barometer with  10 cm resolution.
    • 2  SPI expansion BUS for optional IMU
    • 1  sonar input.
  • RC 
    • 6 RC INPUT standard PPM.
    • 1 PPMSUM 
    • 1 ARM Switch
    • 1 SBUS input compatible with  Futaba and  FRKSY technology. 
    • 8 RC output ( 60 - 490 hz ) , 4 optional RC output ( in SBUS mode)
  • Expansion BUS
    • 1 CAN BUS .
    • 2 serial port for interface VR GPS Ublox 8
    • 1 i2c bus for magnetometer connection.
  • Additional IN - OUT
    • 3 Output Switch digitali (ULN2003) 2 LED 1 BUZZER.
    • 1 input for voltage control.
    • 1 input for current control.
  • Include in the kit there are:
    • 3 VR IMU based on MPU6500 or Maxim IMU sensor
    • 2 VR GPS Ublox 8
  • Dimension 6x4.
  • Available plastic and aluminium cas as option.

IDE and development kit . 

  • Eclipse IDE.
  • Arm GCC Toolchain.
  • Supporto real time debug .


For this platform are available many libraries developed by the community and Virtualrobotix Diydrones. 

Native support of the operating system Nuttx rev 6:20 to 7:30. 

Bootloading and Automatic Update standard and custom firmware. 

Repository Server with native support Mission Planner 32 and 64 bit.

The supported UAV firmware are  : APM Copter, Plane and Rover  

The mini site is available at : 


For more info send a mail to :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advanced Course:

Advanced course in programming environment Nuttx and introduction to the software suite opensource APM Copter Plane Rover. The course was created to support the development of custom projects for both professional universities and research centers.

Advanced Course for the construction of a drone for professional environments:


Advanced course in design and construction of advanced drones for professional markets.

Advanced Technical Support:

In addition to the technical support provided by the community virtualrobotix.com you have available a ticket for 15 days of support in our laboratories or through tele presence.


Gold Member Evaluation License advanced features:

Included in the kit can test software professional and advanced features made on the basis VRBrain 5 and VR micro Brain.  When you buy a VR Pro SDK you Join Gold Member Partnership in Virtualrobotix community.


Units in box: 1